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SYNTHETIC TANNING AGENTS, commonly known as SYNTANS, forms part of wet end chemicals used in leather tanning. Unlike traditional tanning systems where a limited number of SYNTANS were used confined to unique shortlisted chemistry, Today Leather Industry needs a massive range of SYNTANS with different chemistry having an individual performance for specific applications.

ZSIVIRA produces an incredible range of SYNTANS with unique chemistry involved, thereby satisfying the need of the tanners. ZSIVIRA is a SYNTANS MANUFACTURER, making a wide range of SYNTANS, including Phenolic, Cresolic, Sulfone, Protein, Acrylic, Polypeptide, Bio- Collagens, Maleic, Melamine, Dicyandiamide, Aldehyde Syntan, Bisphenol Free Syntans, Colloidal Syntans and much more.

ZSIVIRA, one of the leading SYNTANS SUPPLIERS and exporters, has the expertise of production and application with the strength of its R&D both in Chemical and Leather. The SYNTANS are applicable in the production of Garments, Gloves, Shoes, Upholstery and Speciality Goods.

The quality of all the SYNTANS adheres to international norms, including REACH.

ZSIVIRA is also equipped to manufacture SYNTANS on a tailor-made basis depending upon the individual requirement of the tanners.

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Linear Polyaldehyde

Linear Polyaldehyde with BIOPOLYMERS

Poly condensated Linear Aldehyde

Polyaldehyde with low pH

Gluteraldehyde for chrome free leather and retanning

Modified Gluteraldehyde for chrome free and retanning

Hydrolysed Polycondensate for micro filling of fibers and grain

Phenolic Resin Polycondensate to avoid looseness

Phenolic Resin Polycondensate powder for filling, tightening and body

Phenol Sulfone Polycondensate for filling, body and whiteness

Sulfone Polycondensate for filling , whitening and tightness

Sulfone Polycondensate powder for body and whitening with filling

Bio Polymer concentrate for specific filling and correcting looseness

Bio Polymer concentrate for grain filling and tightness

Bio Polymer compact based on modified natural fatty esters

Bio Polymer compact for all type of articles

Blend of Natural Biopolymers for filling and smooth grain

Biopolymer for fullness and roundness

Biopolymer based on Protein Hydrolysate

Hydrolysed Bio Polymer for grain filling and grain setting

Bio Polymer based on Polypeptide for filling loose portions

Biopolymer based on Bio collagen for body, filling and rubbery handle

High Molecular Poly Acrylate

Low Molecular amphoteric Poly Acrylate for use in any stage

Nano Polymer for micro filling for special articles

High Molecular Amphoteric polymer for body and tightness

Acrylonitrile Polymer for body, tightness and rubber handle

Medium Molecular Polymer for special filling in belly and shanks

Maleic Acrylic Copolymer for grain filling and avoiding looseness

Melamine polymerized with Maleic acylic for filling and grain tightness

Co Polymer Resin for body and filling loose portions

Vinyl Copolymer Resin for split suede and arresting heavy looseness

Polymer Derivative Polymer Derivative

Polymer Derivative

Special Polymer for Hydrophobic articles

Phenol Condensate for soft leathers

Phenol Replacement Syntan

Phenol Replacement Syntan

Whitening Syntan highly concentrated

Whitening Syntan for soft leathers

Liquid Phenolic Syntan for filling and whitening

Phenol Syntan for filling and Whitening

Amphoteric Phenol Sulfonic Acid Condensate

Cresol Based Syntan for speciality articles

Blended Chrome Syntan

Spray Dried Chrome Syntan

Aluminium Syntan

Alunimium Syntan

Multipurpose syntan for dyelevelling, dispersing and Neutralising

Liquid Neutralising cum buffering syntan with dye levelling action

NEUTRASOL NGZ in Powder form

Neutralising with buffers

Neutralising syntan for Uppers

Neutralising syntan for Uppers

Napthalene Sulfonic acid syntan for dye levelling and Neutralising

Napthalene Sulfonic acid syntan for multipurpose usage

Dicyandiamide for soft leathers

Dicyandiamide for Uppers

Multipurpose Dicyandiamide

Melamine for Soft leathers

Melamine for Uppers

Specially condensated Melamine Resin Liquid

Melamine Bridged with Hydrolysed Bio Polymers

Dihydroxy Di Phenyl Sulfone for Metal Free Tanning

Wet White Tanning Agent

Aluminium bridged with silicondioxide for multipurpose usage

Melamine Condensation Syntan

Dicyandiamide Condensation Syntan

Replacement Syntan

Whitening Syntan

Milling syntan

Sulfone Based Milling syntan

Pure Sulfone liquid for metal free tanning and retanning

Powder Sulfone for metal free tanning and retanning

Pure amphoteric Sulfone for filling loose portions

Retanning Powder Syntan

Retanning Powder Syntan

Retanning Powder Syntan

Colloid chemistry to give whiteness, fullness and body

Hydrolysed and Polymerised Tannins

Polycondensate for fullness, whiteness and body. Best for wet white leathers

Polycondensate with Fatty Ester for filling and body

Protein Filling Syntan

Vegetable Extract

Gambier Powder

Gambier Liquid

Vegetable Compact

Vegetable Compact

White Veg Compact

Modified White Veg Compact

Wattle Extract Solid

Vegetable Compact

Vegetable Compact

Vegetable Compact

Vegetable Compact

Vegetable Compact

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