Leather Technical

ZSIVIRA has a group of Leather Technocrats graduated in Leather Technology from the reputed CLRI (Central Leather Research Institute – Chennai, India). Each one of them are trained in the application of ZSIVIRA products and helps the tanners to produce leather by applying the right product for the right article.

Chemical Technical

Our Chemical Lab extends its service for the tanners to test their leather for fat content, free fatty acid content, and formaldehyde content and so on. We also provide technical service to the tanners by transferring the latest knowledge of how to identify and avoid banned chemicals in their leather production.

Product Development

With the excellent technical team, we are proud to say that we handled almost all the origins of Sheep skins in the world and we have a specialized team to set the perfect tanning process for Sheep Skins of any origin.

Apart from Sheep, we have the expertise of developing products for shoes, uppers, vegetable tanned leathers, upholstery and linings from goat, cow and buffalo.

We have dedicated product development and technical service centres in India and our technical experts travel worldwide to give their technical support for the customers in other countries.

Technician Training

We provide training to new technical graduates in order to get them trained in the tanning technology and improve their skills in this field. Those who are trained with us are now working as technical experts both within India and in many foreign countries. Some have even started their own tanning units.

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