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Fat liquor is a synonym for nourishment when it comes to leather. The quality of the leather is directly proportionate to the quality of the fat liquors used. The type of oil, surfactant, softener and the processing procedure is the main criteria that decide how far fat liquor nourishes the leather. As per current European norms, the fat liquor should not only nourish the leather to the expected level but also should adhere to many standards such as fogging value, Iodine Value, Free from APEO/NPEO/SCCP/MCCP and also should pass the oxidation test and withstand high-temperature mechanical operations without sacrificing the nourishment character.

With 3 decades of experience in Fatliquor manufacturing, ZSIVIRA facilitates customers with superior quality of fat liquors. We produce a multi-variety of fat liquors like Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat liquor, Fish Oil fat liquor and speciality fat liquors which are as par with European standard. With German Technology, the products manufactured by ZSIVIRA have been identified globally for their uniqueness in quality. In addition, we have speciality fat liquors for garments, gloving, upholstery, shoes and leather goods.

Zsivira maintains its reputation as one of the leading FAT LIQUOR SUPPLIERS by providing the highest quality products. Our focus on quality starts right from selecting raw materials and testing them before using them in our production. After production, our finished leather tanning and finishing products are subject to testing in our well-equipped lab for the parameters before packing. For application in different types of leather, we have a dedicated team of leather technologists and leather development and Service centres to facilitate customers to select and set suitable tanning processes according to their finished product needs. To Experience our Fat liquors kindly visit ZSIVIRA technical centers across India or Contact our Technical team

We have been part of this Leather Chemical Industry for more than 30 years. Continuous efforts and R&D made by us in satisfying customer needs by adopting international manufacturing norms have made ZSIVIRA achieve consistent growth. To attain outstanding results in the fat liquoring process, please contact our technical service team to suggest the best fat liquors with the best application procedure for your article. After all, our products are International by Quality and Indian by price.

Please visit our FINISHING CHEMICALS page to check our range of products for LEATHER FINISHING.

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Dispersing cum Penetrating. Blend of surfactants & Dispersants.

Oil compound for water proof.

Esterified Synthetic Oils with Esters. Best for Milled Articles

Strength Improvement. Fatty Ester with Biopolymer Derivative.

Nourishment and fullness. Blend of High Grade Lanolin.

Water Proof Fatliquor

Alcohol Esters with polymers

Synthetic Esters with speciality surfactants

Synthetic Fatliquor

General Purpose Synthetic Fatliquor

General Purpose Synthetic Fatliquor

Economical Synthetic Fatliquor

Light Fast Synthetic Fatliquor for Gloving

Sulfited De-odourised fish oil

Sulfited De-odourised Fish Oil with softeners

Synthetic Blend of Sulfited Fish oil

High concentration Triglyceride for extraordinary softness and filling

Blend of Triglycerides with synthetic esters for Upholstery and Uppers

Blend of Biopolymers for shoe uppers and upholstery

Polyoxyethylene Fatliquor for bouncy and filling with body

Blend of Synthetic oil and Sperm Oil Substitute

Sulfited Synthetic Sperm Substitute

Cationic Fatliquor

Raw Synthetic Neatsfoot oil substitute for tear strength

Sulfited Synthetic Neatsfoot oil for lubrication and strength

100% Conc Synthetic Neatsfoot Oil with surfactants for strength

Sulfited Synthetic & Natural Oil Blend, compact fatliquor system

Phosphoric Ester for light weight and fluffy leather

Polysiloxane Ester for complete Nourishment with body

Synthetic Oils cross linked with Amides to open hard grain surface

Sulfited Oils for softness and good lubrication

Light weight Phosphorilated Ester for gloves , garments and upholstery

Synthetic with Lanolin Blend for softness and dye brilliancy

Lecithin blend with ethoxylated esters

Emulsified Lecithin with fatty amides

Sulfited Phopholipids for soft leathers with high lubrication

Blend of Synthetic Oil and softeners

Synthetic Ester Blended Fatliquor

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