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Welcome to the ZSIVIRA CHEMIE MERK enquiry page. We specialize in producing chemicals tailored for the Leather Industry and select Polymers for Construction applications. Through strategic engagements with experts, technical tie-ups, and continuous innovation, we've significantly expanded our product portfolio.

Our range of Leather Tanning Chemicals encompasses Beam House Chemicals, Preservatives, Fatliquors, Syntans, Polymers, Degreasing Agents, and Leather Finishing Chemicals including Resin Binders, Casein Binders, Polyurethane Emulsions, Wax Emulsions, Lacquers, Roller Coat Waxes & Oils, alongside many specialty chemicals.

As a result of our dedication and expertise, we've become prominent exporters of leather chemicals, empowering manufacturers to create high-quality leather for both fashion and performance market sectors. For enquiries or further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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