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What is SYNTANS and how does it work

Revolutionizing Leather Tanning with SYNTANS: A Zsivira Breakthrough


In the world of leather processing and tanning, innovation is key. Traditional tanning methods, while tried and tested, often come with significant environmental and practical challenges. This is where Zsivira, a pioneering player in the leather industry, steps in with their revolutionary product, SYNTANS. In this blog, we will explore SYNTANS, how they work, and how Zsivira's cutting-edge technology can efficiently help customers in the leather industry.


Leather Tanning: A Traditional Art Meets Modern Challenges

Leather tanning has been an essential practice for centuries, transforming raw animal hides into durable, pliable, and visually appealing materials. Traditionally, tanneries employed various techniques, often utilizing tannins derived from plant sources, minerals, or animal brains. These techniques, while effective, come with a range of drawbacks.

Environmental concerns, extended processing times, and inconsistent results have led to a pressing need for innovation in the industry.

Enter SYNTANS - a portmanteau of 'synthetic' and 'tanning.' These innovative chemicals represent a new era in leather processing, solving many of the challenges of traditional tanning methods.


SYNTANS are synthetic tanning agents developed to replace or augment traditional tanning processes. They offer numerous advantages over their conventional counterparts, making them a game-changer for the leather industry. Here are some key features and benefits of SYNTANS:

How Do SYNTANS Work?

To understand how SYNTANS work, let's dive into the science behind the tanning process. Traditional tanning relies on the use of tannins, which are substances that bind with the collagen fibers in animal hides, stabilizing them and preventing decay. SYNTANS operate on a similar principle but with a synthetic twist.

SYNTANS are designed to penetrate the structure of the hides and bond with the collagen fibers. They work efficiently and effectively, reducing the time required for tanning. By forming stable bonds with the collagen, SYNTANS preserve the leather's strength, flexibility, and durability. This process results in leather that is not only environmentally friendly but also of superior quality.

Zsivira: Pioneering Innovation in the Leather Industry

Now that we've explored the concept of SYNTANS and their benefits let's shift our focus to Zsivira, a company at the forefront of this revolutionary technology.

Zsivira is a leading name in the leather industry, known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company has invested extensive resources in researching, developing, and perfecting SYNTANS, making them a cornerstone of their product line.

The Zsivira Difference

What sets Zsivira apart from the competition is a combination of innovation, experience, and a deep understanding of the challenges in the leather industry. Here are some key factors that make Zsivira a game-changer:

How Zsivira's SYNTANS Efficiently Help Customers

Zsivira's SYNTANS have proven to be a boon for their customers, helping them overcome challenges and meet their business goals. Here's how Zsivira's SYNTANS efficiently assist customers in the leather industry:


In the ever-evolving world of leather processing and tanning, Zsivira's SYNTANS represent a significant leap forward. These synthetic tanning agents transform the industry by offering environmentally responsible, efficient, and highly customizable solutions. Zsivira, with its relentless commitment to research and development, has emerged as a leader in the field, providing customers with top-quality products and comprehensive support.

If you're a tanner looking to enhance your processes, improve the quality of your leather, and reduce your environmental impact, Zsivira's SYNTANS are the answer you've been searching for. By choosing Zsivira, you're not just buying a product; you're partnering with a company dedicated to your success.

As a customer-focused company, Zsivira strives to ensure its clients are empowered with the latest technology and expertise. This commitment to excellence extends to all aspects of the leather tanning process. By incorporating SYNTANS into your production, you can stay ahead of the competition, meet the growing demand for sustainable and high-quality leather, and maximize efficiency.

In a rapidly changing industry, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements is crucial. Zsivira's SYNTANS are the future of leather tanning, and by choosing them, you're positioning your business at the forefront of innovation. You're also taking an active step towards environmental sustainability, meeting the expectations of a market that increasingly values eco-friendly practices.

To sum it up, Zsivira's SYNTANS are revolutionizing the leather tanning industry, offering faster, more efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions.

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