About Us

ZSIVIRA CHEMIE MERK is part of JAN GROUP in INDIA. JAN GROUP has exposure in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Dyes

ZSIVIRA CHEMIE MERK produces chemicals mainly for Leather Industry and selective Polymers for Construction. We have made a remarkable expansion in our products line by engaging experts, signing technical tie-ups, and producing a wide range of fatliquors SYNTANS POLYMERS, LACQUERS, WAX EMULSIONS DISPERSING AND DEGREASING AGENTS, LEATHER TANNING CHEMICALS and many speciality products. As a result, we emerged as leading leather chemical exporters, helping manufacturers to produce optimum quality leather for the fashion and performance market sector.

By 2011 STANPOL DERIMERK was rechristened as ZSIVIRA CHEMIE MERK PRIVATE LIMITED due to the technical tie-up with its foreign collaborator to facilitate the company to enter into Global Market with brand image. As a leather chemical exporter, we ensure to deliver cost-efficient and high-quality products. Our products adhere to all industry standards and pass several testing procedures to provide the best quality with safety consistently.

Leather manufacturing or its usage has been a part of India for the longest time; it has evolved from using raw skin to processed skin for various industries. It was a necessity earlier and then became a luxury for many and still is. Leather tanning chemicals are used for various industries like textiles or home furnishing as a degreasing mediator. You can also use them in processes like curing, skinning, soaking, unhairing and tanning.

Over the years, we have seen a significant rise in domestic and industrial leather chemical usage and designed chemicals to meet all the expectations. Our chemicals also do not change the colour and do not have a harsh impact on the leather. Therefore, it is essential to choose the leather chemicals that enhance the leather's quality and help you in the long run.

Our speciality tanning chemical is environment-friendly and also reduces the tanning time. We offer high-quality chemicals to prepare good quality hides and skin for lustrous and shining leather for various industrial requirements. They provide good colour, which is long-lasting and does not leave patches for the perfect finish leather.

Our leather tanning chemicals help reduce water consumption by up to 40%, offer shorter process time, cleaner effluent, and TDS reduction by 40% for top-notch leather quality.
Our chemicals are sustainable, which fulfils the future and present requirements; we have an entire R&D department to make chemicals that meet various industrial requirements.
With our excellent service and chemical quality, we have become a leading leather chemical exporter producing a variety of leather tanning chemicals.

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